Our Role in Sustainability

BW Epic Kosan plays a vital role in supplying the world with LPG, an exceptional and essential energy, which is a clean burning and versatile fuel. We specialise in safely and efficiently delivering it over the last mile to our customers around the globe.

As a market leading owner and operator of vessels engaged in the global delivery of a cleaner energy that LPG is, we acknowledge the need to enhance our environmental, social and governance performance. We aspire to achieve this by placing safety, inclusive growth, innovation, and environment conservation at the core of our business.

We build our business around key areas that we believe will drive long term positive impacts for the environment and our stakeholders. Whilst always conducting our operations in a safe and responsible manner, we support communal prosperity in three ways – delivering clean energy, employing, and nurturing individuals, and reducing emissions.

Our stakeholders are persons, groups and organisations that are directly or indirectly impacted by our business activities. BW Epic Kosan has identified seven stakeholder groups – employees, customers, investors, business partners, suppliers, government and industry bodies, and local communities. We value long term relationships built on trust and strongly believe that understanding our stakeholders’ concerns and engaging with them in an exchange of knowledge, resources and best practices is key to achieving our sustainability goals.

Release of Year 2018
Our Story
Navigating the Amazon River

Exploring the unique challenges of delivering energy via one of the world’s most famous rivers

Release of Year 2018
The BWEK Difference
The People Behind Our Success

We offer exciting and rewarding career opportunities to bright and ambitious people, who have the skills and determination to succeed in a career at sea and ashore