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BW Epic Kosan serves as a crucial link in the international gas supply chains of leading energy majors and commodity trading houses throughout South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, West Africa and the Americas.

We have the scale, fleet and operational resources to serve our customers on a truly global basis; with approximately 3,000 cargo operations annually, we transport more than 4.7 million tonnes between over 300 different ports worldwide, performing an average of five load operations every day.

We offer customers the best solution for their transportation needs with our leading service and high operational standards.

Tonnes transported annually
Nautical miles sailed annually
Cargo operations annually
Ports called at worldwide
Daily load operations
Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) in 2023
CO2 Reduction, 2023 (vs 2018)
MARPOL Compliance, 2023
Global Customers

Total number of Vessels
Fully Pressurised
Ethylene Capable

Our Fleet

BW Epic Kosan owns and operates a fleet of about 58 modern and high quality gas carriers. The fleet has fully pressurised, semi-refrigerated as well as ethylene and ammonia capable vessels which provide maritime transportation of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), petrochemicals and other speciality gases.


BW Epic Kosan plays a vital role in supplying the world with LPG, an exceptional and essential energy, which is a clean burning and versatile fuel. We specialise in safely and efficiently delivering it over the last mile to our customers around the globe.

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