The BW Epic Kosan Difference

At BW Epic Kosan, we offer exciting and rewarding career opportunities to bright and ambitious people, who have the skills and determination to succeed in a career at sea and ashore. Are you ready to make an impact on the world’s cleaner-energy transition?

Across our shore-based offices in Singapore, Copenhagen, Manila and Tokyo, we have over 185 employees, whilst about 1,400 seafarers of different nationalities work onboard our vessels. We consider our workforce to be our greatest asset.

Total employees
Nationalities represented
Average training hours / employee
36 / 64
Female to male Shore employees ratio (2023)

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DI&B)

We know difference is important, and we go beyond that. We strive to create a work environment where people feel that they are included and belong.

BW Epic Kosan crew

We embrace differences in age, nationality, gender identity, sexuality, ability/disability, background and other characteristics that make our employees unique. We believe the collective sum of our individual differences represent a significant part of our company culture. We invite diverse thoughts, ideas and perspectives and we strive to make sure people can be their true self at work. We are also committed to ensuring our work practices are fair.

DI&B aligns with our Vision, Mission, and CARE values. We expect every employee to support one another to thrive at work. Be that onshore or at company or industry events. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or hostility to one another. DI&B is woven through our people practices (in particular, recruitment, development, progression and compensation) and we hold our leaders accountable for fostering a team environment which embraces every team member.

BW Epic Kosan's LPG Carrier

Talent Management

We recognise that the success of BW Epic Kosan rests on each employee’s ability to provide the necessary skills and confidence within the team, and our training is tailored to suit individual needs and career aspirations.

BW Epic Kosan's LPG Carrier

You can look forward to a wide range of learning opportunities, including:

  1. Technical programmes to ensure you develop and maintain the skills required for your role

  2. Training to help you with people management, time management and effective communication

  3. Shore / vessel attachments for you to work onboard a ship or ashore for a short period of time

  4. Leadership development courses to enhance your ability to negotiate, influence and persuade

  5. Education assistance programmes so you can further knowledge relevant to your work

  6. 3-year trainee program provides experiences such as job rotations and site visits to understand operations

Benefits Of Working At BW Epic Kosan

At BW Epic Kosan, you can look forward to a collaborative and supportive environment with great employment benefits.

  1. Open Culture

    Our open and collaborative culture, along with our dynamic growth and outlook makes BW Epic Kosan an exciting and rewarding place to work.

  2. Recognising Talent

    We recognise talent — you — as our greatest asset and want you to feel both challenged and fulfilled as part of the BW Epic Kosan team.

  3. Training and Development

    We seek to build a relationship that is mutually beneficial by nurturing your career and professional skills so you can strengthen us as a company.

  4. Competitive Benefits

    We offer a wide range of benefits and remunerations that are both sustainable and competitive for our employees at all levels.

  5. Equal Opportunities

    You can expect fair treatment and support that are free from discrimination. We deliver in areas such as diversity, learning and social responsibility.

Careers Opportunities

Please contact us if you are interested in joining us for either shore based employment or a job at sea. We are always looking out for talent, please feel free to share your CV with us.