BW Epic Kosan enters Foundational AI partnership with Complexio

BW Epic Kosan has joined Hafnia and Símbolo as a partner in Foundational AI company Complexio.

(Singapore, 5 June 2024)

BW Epic Kosan has joined Hafnia and Símbolo as a partner in Foundational AI company Complexio.

Foundational AI is a new category of AI technology that is trained on whole company data to automate all tasks done by humans on computers.

Complexio created this category after spending three years inside market leading companies, with full access to their structured and unstructured data and a mission to use deep tech to solve fundamental business challenges.

“Companies are currently dealing with too many imperfect solutions: complex recurring tasks that use incorrect data and too many systems that don’t talk to each other to carry out business activities,” says Complexio CEO Matthew Talbot. “The result of this is an information and process overload. In some instances, employees are wasting up to 60 percent of their day on lost efficiency.”

“We aim to offer our customers the best possible solution for their LPG and petrochemical transportation needs,” says BW Epic Kosan CEO Charles Maltby. “We hold ourselves to high standards, which means we must constantly look for ways to improve our operational excellence and invest in initiatives that will equip our people with the tools they need to work safely, efficiently and smarter. One area we are exploring, is in AI.”

Charles continues, “We aspire to create a human-centric, ethical, and trustworthy AI platform aligned with our corporate CARE values. We aim to foster innovation and advance our efficiency as one team, harnessing AI to simplify and improve every aspect of our business, guiding us towards operational excellence. We are excited to see where our collaboration with Complexio can take us.”

“BW Epic Kosan is a great example of how Foundational AI can help companies define where their workers should place their efforts and time in an AI-first world,” says Complexio CEO Matthew Talbot. “Shipping is the perfect training ground for all business types in fact, because they are dealing with such data-heavy operations that require many different systems, communications, tasks and processes working together in a very time sensitive manner. BW Epic Kosan owns and operates a fleet of about 60 gas carrier ships moving around the world – all with very specific technical, safety, fuel supply and commercial challenges. Complex environments like this are where Foundational AI can make the most impact.”

About BW Epic Kosan

BW Epic Kosan Ltd. owns and operates the world’s largest fleet of gas carriers providing seaborne services for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas and petrochemicals. Our vessels serve as a crucial link in the international supply chains of leading oil majors and commodity traders throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The Company has significant commercial and technical capability across pressurised, semi-refrigerated, refrigerated gas and petrochemical transportation, and aims to deliver customers the best solution for their transportation needs, along with leading service and operational standards. The Company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Copenhagen, Manila and Tokyo.

About Complexio

Complexio is a joint venture between Hafnia, in partnership with Marfin Management, C Transport Maritime, Trans Sea Transport and BW Epic Kosan and Símbolo.
They defined Foundational AI. They work with existing systems to ingest, understand, and map whole company data, enabling automation and improved decision-making.