Supporting the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

The UN SDGs represent an opportunity to put the world on a sustainable path and we are increasingly integrating the underlying guidance into our decision-making and investment processes. While we support all 17 SDGs, we believe that our actions will have the most significant impact on the following five SDGs:

  1. Goal 3: Good health and well-being
  2. Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy
  3. Goal 8: Decent work and economic employment
  4. Goal 13: Climate action
  5. Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

The table below shows how we have mapped our material topics to these five UN SDGs.

Topics reportedGRI Topic Standards UN SDGsWhat they mean
Greenhouse gas emissionsGRI 305
7,13Activities from the maritime sector contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions. There is
an urgent need to decarbonise, and we strive to meet IMO targets as soon as possible.
Ecological impactsGRI 304
Large oil spills and poor ballast water management can have substantial and long-term
adverse effects on ecosystems. Hence, we implement measures to prevent incidents and
to avoid, reduce or mitigate any direct impacts.
SafetyGRI 403
Occupational Health
and Safety
3,8There are inherent safety and security hazards associated with maritime operations that
must be properly handled to protect our crew and the fleet. As such, we continue to strive
for zero harm.
Training and developmentGRI 404
Training and Education
To remain relevant and up to date with changes in our industry, we must quickly adapt and
grow our employees’ skills and abilities to address new business challenges. Hence, we
continue to prioritise and invest in employee development to ensure BW Epic Kosan’s longterm
development and success.
Business ethicsGRI 205
16We uphold the highest ethical standards and conduct our business in compliance with
all applicable laws and regulations. Any non-compliance can result in severe financial
penalties and reputational damage.
CybersecurityNon-GRI Topic16Cybersecurity threats in the maritime shipping industry have a huge potential to affect the
safety of the crew, vessels and cargo. Failure to handle cyber risks may result in negative
impacts on our operations and cause financial consequences for BW Epic Kosan.
Economic performanceGRI 201
Economic Performance
8A strong economic performance is key to building a resilient business. It is important to
prioritise the distribution of sustainable economic value to our stakeholders.
Non-material Topic:
Diversity and equality
GRI 405
Diversity and
Equal Opportunity
8Employees are the driving force behind the success of our business, and it is important to
attract and retain the best talent who share our values and business objectives. This can
be achieved by building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace environment to
enhance employee engagement.
Non-material Topic:
Community engagement
GRI 413
Local Communities
8As a socially responsible organisation, we are committed to delivering value for our
stakeholders while creating sustained impacts in the communities in which we operate.

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