Stakeholder engagement is important for BW Epic Kosan

We need to understand our stakeholders’ concerns and engage with them to address their concerns and work towards achieving our sustainability goals. We have defined our stakeholders as persons, groups and organisations that are directly or indirectly impacted by our business activities. We have identified seven stakeholder categories: employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, government and industry bodies, and local communities. Our stakeholder engagement methods and the key issues that
they raised are detailed in the table below.

StakeholderStakeholder engagement methodsIssues raised
Employees- Quarterly BWEK all-hands town hall
- Annual performance appraisals and midyear reviews
- Regular manager and employee
one-to-one meetings
- Employee engagement and
bonding sessions
- Employee engagement survey
- Business performance
- Employee-related issues
- Reward and recognition
- Q&A
- Employee performance goals
- BWEK values
- Training and development needs
- Regular interaction and communication on work-related issues
- Areas of concern and creation of intervention
Customers- Physical meetings, directly or at conferences
- Online meetings
- Phone
- Email and other electronic correspondence
- Presentations at meetings/ conferences
- General market information
- Specific cargo quotes
- Project description and exchanges for transportation solutions
- Voyage-specific discussions and issues for spot, contracts and time charter vessels
- Future requirements for transportation
- Regulations and their implications on current and future
- Performance feedback and evaluation
Shareholders- Quarterly Board Meetings and reports, monthly management
- Annual Report
- One-to-one meetings
- Conferences
- Annual General Meeting
- Sustainability performance
- Financial performance
- Risks: interest rates, geopolitical market
- Market trends: shipping
- Strategy and road map
Business Partners- Physical meetings
- One-to-one meetings
- Online meetings: - Phone/Teams etc
- Emails
- Monthly earnings
Strategy / regulations / risks
- Market intelligence and direction
- Performance
- Investment possibilities
Suppliers- Physical meetings: in / out-of office,
conferences, trade fairs
- Online meetings:
Phone calls / Teams / Zoom etc.
- Commitment to the Anti-Slavery Code of Practice
- Compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct policy
- Freight forwarder
Government and Industry Bodies- Meetings or conferences
- Presentations and guest lectures
- Seminars
- Trade fairs
- Statutory regulations
- Crisis management
- Knowledge partnerships
- Create new collaborative projects (NoGAPS, CO2 transportation,
NH3 transportation and use as a fuel in green corridors)
- Crisis Management
Local Communities- Volunteer programmes
- Sporting events
- General community activities
- Environmental impacts
- Health initiatives
- Increase monetary contributions to local charities and non-profit groups

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