Overall Approach

We act today to secure our future. We go beyond compliance, and ensure that we use resources efficiently, mitigate all environmental risks in our operations, and lower vessel emissions.

The company is fully aware of the effects caused on the environment by sea transport (Ships), and shore-based facilities (Offices). Shipping is the most carbon-efficient way of moving goods. It serves more than 75 per cent of global trade by carrying large quantities of cargo cost effectively, cleanly and safely. We acknowledge that this same mode of transport is a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We believe members of the maritime industry must do their part to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency in our operations.

The company has embraced environmental protection in its strategic decisions and operate the business to balance between environmental and economic needs of the society. We are committed to –

  • Compliance with all relevant national & International environmental legislation, rules & regulations, any applicable legal requirements, industry guidelines & practices and meet or exceed best environmental practices;
  • Maintain and operate our fleet to the highest possible standards;
  • Protect our environment in a responsible manner;
  • Include Environmental and Social considerations in investment decisions;
  • Invest in technology to help reduce our environmental footprint;
  • Report accurately any environmental incident. Any act of pollution shall be thoroughly investigated. A wilful act of pollution shall be dealt with severely and the company will actively cooperate with the authorities to apprehend the violators;
  • Collaborate with and support our partners, i.e., contractors, suppliers, various agencies, interested parties and authorities to operate in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Educate, train and motivate employees to carry our task in an environmental responsible manner;
  • Implement technology and design that can improve environmental performance of all newbuildings;
  • Monitor, evaluate and continually review the environmental management performance to ensure efficient use of the limited resources, commitment to continued reduction in harmful emission and waste to sea, air and land;
  • Have a holistic view on energy management and implement energy saving initiatives, devices and operational best practices;
  • Continuously improve environmental performance by monitoring and review goals and objectives;
  • Continual improvement of our environmental performance in compliance to ISO 14001 certification.

We ensure that our commitment is disseminated and adopted throughout our Company.