Key Information Related To The Cash Dividend To Be Paid By BW Epic Kosan Ltd.

18 August 2023 – BW Epic Kosan Ltd. refers to the Financial Results for Q2 2023 released on 18 August 2023 wherein the Board of Directors declared an interim cash dividend.


TITLE: BW EPIC KOSAN LTD. – Key Information related to the cash dividend to be paid by BW Epic Kosan Ltd.


Key information relating to the cash dividend:
Dividend amount: USD 0.073327 per ordinary share
Announced currency: US Dollar
Last day including right: Friday, 25 August 2023
Ex-date: Monday, 28 August 2023
Record date: Tuesday, 29 August 2023
Payment date: Tuesday, 5 September 2023
Date of approval: 18 August 2023

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.

BW Epic Kosan Ltd.

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