Written Resolutions In Lieu Of Formal Members’ Meeting Constituting The 2020 Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors of Epic Gas Ltd. (the “Company”) is seeking Members’ approval of the matters relating to the 2020 annual general meeting of the Company (the “2020 AGM”) by way of members’ resolutions consented in writing in lieu of a formal Members’ meeting.

The proposed written resolutions are set out in the Chairman’s Letter. The audited consolidated financial statements, a letter from DNB BANK ASA and the accompanying proxy vote instruction form are also attached herewith.

For shareholders who are holding the shares in the name of DNB BANK ASA, DNB BANK ASA will require instructions from the shareholders on how to vote the shares which DNB BANK ASA hold on their behalf. We shall be grateful if shareholders could give the matter your urgent attention and respond by 7 May 2020, 12:00 hours Central European Time. DNB BANK ASA will sign the written resolution as passed when it has received a simple majority of votes in favour of the Members’ Resolutions In Writing.

Please click below to download a copy.

1. Epic Gas Ltd – Chairman’s Letter

2. Audited Consolidated FS

3. DNB Letter and Proxy Vote Instruction