30 November 2016
Epic Gas Ltd. To Transfer Listing To Merkur Market

Singapore – Epic Gas Ltd. (“Epic Gas” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has initiated a process of transferring its listing from the Norwegian OTC Market to Oslo B0rs’ Merkur Market under the symbol “EPIC-ME” within 2016, subject to approval of a listing application.

The intended timing for this transfer is as follows:

7th December 2016 – completion of listing application process

14th December 2016 – last day of trading on the NOTC

15th December 2016 – completion of transfer and first day of trading on Merkur.

The listing of Epic Gas on the Merkur Market enables its shareholders to trade their shares via electronic order book trading using the Oslo B0rs trading system and thereby providing transparent and up-to-the- minute market information on the Company’s shares. There is no action required by existing shareholders and shares in the Company can be traded through their bank connections’ online trading solutions provided their bank has membership access to the Oslo B0rs and Oslo B0rs’ Merkur Market. If there are any further questions, shareholders can contact their broker or bank or the Company by using the contact details below.

Epic Gas considers Oslo B0rs’ Merkur Market an excellent platform to facilitate share liquidity and to access the capital markets.

About Epic Gas

Epic Gas owns and operates a fleet of fully pressurised gas carriers providing seaborne services for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas and petrochemicals. The company controls a fleet of 41 vessels which serve the international supply chains of leading oil majors and commodity traders throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Epic Gas Ltd.


Uta Urbaniak-Sage, +65 6230 7801 Chief Financial Officer

Charles Maltby

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


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