29 March 2017
Epic Gas Ltd. Takes Delivery Of 11,000cbm Newbuilding

Epic Gas Ltd. announced today that the 11,000cbm LPG carrier Epic Salina, the last vessel in the Company’s series of eight pressurised LPG newbuildings, delivered on 29 March 2017 from Kyokuyo Shipyard, Japan.

Since the first quarter of 2013 we have grown from 22 vessels of total capacity 99,500 cubic metre, to41 vessels and 268,900 cubic metre today, a 270% increase. Our average vessel size has increased from 4,523 to 6,559 cubic metre.

Epic Gas remains committed to providing a high-quality fleet of long term controlled assets across thefully
pressurised sector of 3,300 – 11,000cbm.

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