Strategy and Services

"Thinking Big and Small – a global business, with a regional focus on last tonne-mile delivery."

BW Epic Kosan Way

BW Epic Kosan is a global market-leading LPG shipping platform, with strong brand recognition, a very experienced in-house commercial and technical management team, and optimally positioned to facilitate low cost marginal growth and consolidation in an industry with high barriers to entry.

We are the worlds’ largest owner and commercial operator of pressurised LPG carriers.

The BW Epic Kosan Difference
  • Our fleet is modern
  • Our vessels have cargo carrying capacity that cover a wide spectrum. from 3,500cbm to 11,000cbm
  • Having the scale to provide our customers flexibility with a varied sized and high-quality fleet that is globally accepted


We have progressively focused on the larger pressure vessels, especially those over 7,000cbm, as with many shipping sectors there is an ongoing up-sizing in the tonnage demanded by our customers, assisting to capture the economies of scale in improved value freight for our customer.

The underlying global seaborne LPG market is positive with an annual growth rate that currently stands at 5-6%. Additionally, our ships are designed to also carry a range of petrochemical products which provides us diversified earnings as we can switch between LPG and petrochemical markets. This also offers us an opportunity to have a global reach across key trading regions and strengthen relationships with highly diversified blue-chip customers.

With strong revenue momentum, a robust financial profile and supportive ownership, we remain an attractive counterparty for industry stakeholders. We can position our ships in growing and active markets on a global scale and develop a mix of time-charters, voyage-charters and Contracts of Affreightment (COAs).

Our seafarers and teams ashore are 100% focused on delivering a full array of high-quality real-time services to existing customers and developing new customers, niche markets and trade lanes.