Uplifting Communities with The Food Bank Singapore

Driven by our values to make a positive impact, BW Epic Kosan believes in uplifting our communities through a variety of means, including development programmes, community engagement and monetary donations. In line with our belief, colleagues from our Singapore office together with CEO Charles Maltby took time off to support one of the Food Bank’s regular grocery distribution drives to households in need.

Ending Food Insecurity in Singapore with The Food Bank

Food insecurity is the state of being unable to afford enough affordable or nutritious food. Singapore is ranked 28th in the 2022 Food Security Index by the Economist’s Intelligence unit, and it can surprise some that food insecurity remains a concern in a largely affluent country. Food insecurity is a hidden poverty, as it can be challenging to measure and identify people who struggle to make ends meet and require the most basic needs like food and shelter. While it may be hidden, it is not forgotten and local not-for-profit organisations such as The Food Bank Singapore are working hard to support these households in need, with support from the government, charities and corporations.

Partnering The Food Bank to Distribute Groceries

About 40 employees from the Singapore office took time off work one afternoon to participate in an initiative held in partnership with the Food Bank Singapore. Many colleagues who could not attend the event due to professional or personal commitments donated towards the cost of purchasing food items, and an original target of 50 food bundles was exceeded – where in total 170 households benefitted from this initiative. Reflecting requests from the neighbourhood committee, food items included fruits and vegetables, as well as pantry staples such as oil, biscuits, jam and coffee.

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Beyond an Afternoon Helping Households

While colleagues galvanised over one afternoon and engaged in a meaningful activity outside of work, they knew their efforts went beyond that single event, and reinforced the Company’s active approach to Sustainability. 

Our active approach to sustainability is rooted in our company Vision, Mission, and CARE Values. ‘CARE’ stands for Collaborative, Ambitious, Reliable and Enduring. We have a cross-company team focused on sustainability, representing those ashore and afloat. This team reports to the CEO and comprises our CFO, Commercial, Technical, and HR Directors, and seven key executives with different backgrounds and expertise. This ensures that our sustainability strategy delivers meaningful outcomes and sound progress against our annually reviewed targets.

Colleagues based at BW Epic Kosan's offices in Copenhagen and Manila are also planning initiatives to support local causes, in alignment with company values and active approach to Sustainability.

Find out more about our Sustainability Strategy and targets in our Sustainability Report 2022.

Partnering the Food Bank Singapore to Distribute Food to Households in Need

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