International Anti-Corruption Day 2023

Zero Tolerance for Bribery and Corruption

Bribery and corruption are a longstanding concern in shipping. And while the extent of bribery and corrupt practices varies across regions, ports, and companies, they remain significant issues that impact global maritime trade.

At BW Epic Kosan, we have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Our policies and guidelines on bribery and corruption apply to all employees, ashore and afloat, including and especially the highest levels of leadership. Our strategic direction, defined within our Vision, Mission, and ‘CARE’ Values guide everything we do.

As part of being Reliable, we must act with integrity and uphold high ethical standards. Our Company Code of Conduct also requires the same as we perform our daily duties, interactions, and responsibilities. 

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In addition, we have a safe and confidential whistleblowing channel to report any wrongdoing.  Both employees and external stakeholders can make anonymous reports via EthicsPoint, a third-party hosted platform that relays the report directly to the highest levels of leadership. Our stakeholders, both internal and external, should speak up where they have concerns about breaches of ethics at BW Epic Kosan. Your confidentiality is assured, you will be protected from reprisals or victimization for reporting such concerns, and you have our commitment for action.

BW Epic Kosan is also a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, where over 190 member companies are working together to share best practices, and together create a culture of integrity within the maritime community.

Every Little Bit Counts

Solutions for even the biggest challenges can be found in the smallest actions. Because when these actions are amplified by consistent and collective action, we will see progress. We want BW Epic Kosan to remain as a trusted business partner. We will therefore continue to stand our ground against bribery and corruption, and we will continue to build on our reputation as a company with the highest standards of integrity.

Do Not Ask. We Will Not Give.

Across the board and without exception, colleagues at BW Epic Kosan from shore and sea share the same Values - we stand against bribery and corruption. Do not ask, we will not give.